Professional-Level Visual Art Instruction

Individual instruction for those aspiring to vastly improve the quality of their work, such as reaching the level needed for acceptance in museum and national art competitions. I cannot guarantee that you will be actually be able to reach this level, but that will be be our goal. You can be anywhere from beginner to advanced—and work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastel—as long as you are pursuing art as a serious, dedicated endeavor rather than as recreation or to decorate walls.

How does this work? Lesser-quality work typically lacks direction, intention, and feeling. My intention is to teach you how to successfully contain all three elements in your work, to make your paintings say something. You can paint any subject, but what about it? Why paint that subject? This is the Big Why. Direction, intention, and feeling result from composition, use of color, nuances of color, the effective use of space, and more. In particular, by expressing your personal feelings in your painting, your self awareness expands. We’ll use psychology and philosophy to give you a way to increase your self awareness and unblock your innate essence, enabling you to create paintings that truly say something about you—rather than just pictures of something. You’ll see things you didn’t see before, and the more you see, the better painter you’ll be.

You can paint during class if you wish, but this is not about “how to paint ‘this’ or ‘that.’” It’s about how to paint a painting that expresses something that only a painting can express. If we succeed, you’ll give birth to your own style—not just copy someone else’s.

We’ll critique your past and present work. We’ll work on creatively using photographs, memory, imagination, and observations of the real world. We’ll use sketches, drawings, painting, and a wide variety of appproaches customized to your needs. And we'll use rich reference materials as learning tools.

Sessions can be during one or two afternoons per week at my home studio. Two-hour sessions are $30. Three-hour sessions are $40.

For more information, please contact Joni Parker.

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